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MES Institute of Management (MESIOM), established in 2006, stands on the foundation of over 60 years of educational excellence of the renowned Mysore Education Society-MES. Founded by visionary leaders, MESIOM has a deep commitment to value-based education and fostering the rich Indian culture.

MES Institute of Management goes beyond academics to provide a holistic learning experience, nurturing the multiple intelligence of its students. Through a vibrant calendar of seminars, conferences, workshops, value-added programs, training sessions, cultural events, sports, club activities, and flagship events like Vivekananda Sapthaha– The celebration of thought, Vak Surabhi – A Flow of Thought, and Chathurarth – Intercollege Management Fest, we empower and motivate our students to become well-rounded individuals and responsible citizens.

Dear Students,
The Bhagavad Gita states, “श्रद्धावान्लभतेज्ञानं” emphasizing that faith leads to knowledge, highlighting utmost sincerity in one’s being. Shraddhaa forms the foundation of our saadhana, shielding us from errors and guiding our personal & professional journey to success.

MES Institute of Management, a part of Mysore Education Society- MES since 2006, has witnessed the success of students & alumni in the field of Commerce and Management. MESIOM encourages students to think out of the box, helping them in translating thoughts into action with confidence and efficiency. The pillars of MESIOM’s distinctive qualities include able guidance from Management, eminent faculty, and a robust alumni network, attracting students...

Dr. Sharada.S

Principal, MESIOM


To strive towards achieving and maintaining the pinnacle of excellence in education and empowering students grounded in Indian heritage to live as exemplary human beings geared for competency at all levels


  • To impart all encompassing knowledge-syllabus prescribed by the university as well as learning about the world beyond the classroom.
  • To provide a platform for the students to build and strengthen character that will help them to face all challenges with integrity.
  • To foster leadership qualities and encourage entrepreneurial skills for a better contribution to the future of India as a global leader.
  • To empower youth with knowledge, skills and competence within the students.


  • To create an excellent ambiance for teaching and learning.
  • To self evaluate, set goals, raise the bar and strive for continuous growth.
  • Faculty Motivation through Financial and Non-financial incentives.
  • Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout College.


  • Integration of teaching and learning advancement of the knowledge base through research and leadership in service outreach.
  • To develop tomorrow’s business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers through inter disciplinary approach.
  • All people are entitled to a high quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, professional integrity, and positive nurturing environment.
  • To encourage the student’s to achieve all-round development.

Academic excellence

MES Institute of Management (MESIOM) has been shaping successful futures for over 18 years. We offer a holistic education that goes beyond academics, nurturing well-rounded individuals with strong intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual foundations. MESIOM’s dedication to academic excellence is reflected in the outstanding achievements of our students. Our students consistently rank among the top performers in university examinations and our 3000+ alumni thrive in diverse fields, a testament to our commitment to excellence and empowering responsible citizens.

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Nurturing Holistic Development through Vibrant Activities

MESIOM empowers you to thrive in all aspects of life from intellectual to social, Physical well- being to health and fitness. Our dedicated faculty ignites active learning trough engaging methods, while a vibrant ecosystem shapes you into multifaceted individuals. Ready to Explore Beyond Curriculum.

Dive deep into practical learning with budget analysis, crisis simulations, and product launches. Showcase your talent at “Samanvitha,” our annual expo, and gain valuable industry exposure through field trips and industrial visits.

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with “Swayam Anweshana,” ‘Manthan’ a platform to develop winning business plans. Bring your ideas to life with product launch initiatives and gain practical entrepreneurial skills through the “Co-Creation Center”.

Engage in community service through NSS, Rotaract Club, Red Cross, and NCC activities. Become an environmental champion with “Dharini,” our Eco Club, and actively supportwomen’s empowerment through our dedicated cell.

Express Yourself and Celebrate Your Heritage!
Express your creativity and appreciate aesthetics through events like “Pratibha Karanjee” and “Kalavedi.”

Nurture your linguistic skills with language clubs like “Nudi Habba” (Kannada), “Tarangini” (Hindi), “SurabharathiVaibhavam” (Sanskrit), and “Maverix” (English).

Celebrate National days and commemorate National heroes to cultivate a sense of patriotism and imbibe the values of great leaders. Engage in “Vivekananda Sapthaha” to learn from Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and find your inner purpose. Dwell on the thoughts and perspectives of the think-tank of the society through “Vak-Surabhi

Maintain physical and mental health through “Annual Sports meets”, yoga sessions, and personality development programs. Weekly value education sessions and daily prayer sessions nurture emotional well-being and foster inner growth.

MES Institute of Management prioritizes faculty development and research, recognizing their impact on student quality. Faculty are encouraged to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences, present papers, and publish research to stay updated on the latest developments and enhance their skills. This commitment to faculty growth fosters a vibrant academic environment that benefits both faculty and students.

Infrastructure Facilities

Our institution boast a plethora of state-of-the-art facilities, designed to provide students with an exceptional and enriching educational experience. Within our academic building, modern classrooms and spacious lecture halls equipped with cutting-edge technology foster an engaging learning environment, where knowledge is imparted seamlessly.

These outstanding facilities, from laboratories to auditoriums, IT services, counseling centers, and research hubs, are all meticulously designed to cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to take on the challenges of the modern world. With a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, our college is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational journey for all our students.

Spacious classrooms

Well- ventilated and naturally lit classrooms equipped with ergonomically furniture and interactive boards to foster an enriching educational atmosphere.

Accessibility elevators

Ensuring ease of movement for differently-abled students.

State-of-the-art auditorium

Equipped for interactive sessions with professionals and guest speakers.


A treasure trove of information with a vast collection of text and reference books, newspapers, periodicals, e-journals, and the ‘N’list facility provides a tranquil space for focused study and continuous learning.

Computer Lab

Featuring 35+ high-speed internet-connected computers for advanced learning and software training.

Conference Hall

A well-equipped space for meetings, events, and co-curricular activities.


A friendly food court to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Badminton Court

A recreational space for physical activity and stress relief.

Play Ground

Utilizing BBMP ground for a variety of outdoor games, including volley ball, throw ball, cricket, Kabbadi and more to promote physical activity and well-rounded recreational benefits

Indoor Gaming

Leveraging Conference Hall for Indoor Gaming: Utilizing conference hall for indoor games fosters cognitive flexibility and enhances student well-being.

MESIOM’s infrastructure fosters intellectual growth and well-being for all students, creating a truly inclusive learning environment.

rank holders

At MESIOM, academic brilliance blossoms under the guidance of our dedicated faculty.

Our students consistently rank among the university’s top performers, their achievements a testament to the exceptional quality of our teaching and learning environment. Imagine yourself flourishing in a vibrant ecosystem where passionate educators nurture your potential, helping you reach for the stars and consistently secure coveted university ranks. MESIOM’s faculty are more than instructors; they are mentors who ignite a love for learning and guide you on a journey of intellectual discovery.

academic achievers

At MESIOM, academic achievers thrive amidst a culture of excellence fostered by our esteemed faculty. Our students not only excel but continually set new benchmarks of success, reflecting the unparalleled dedication and expertise of our teaching staff. Picture yourself immersed in an environment where scholarly pursuits are celebrated, and every achievement is a stepping stone towards greater accomplishments. At MESIOM, our faculty serve as catalysts for academic brilliance, empowering you to unlock your full potential and realize your academic aspirations. Here, you’ll find mentors who inspire a passion for knowledge and provide unwavering support on your journey towards scholarly distinction.

Distinguished Guests


MESIOM offers training for students to prepare for placements by arranging training in Communicative English, Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, preparing for technical and HR interviews through Professional trainers. The college organizes on and off campus placements by associating with industries and business houses of repute. Many of our students are placed in top-notch companies.