Holistic Development

Nurturing Holistic Development through Vibrant Activities

MESIOM empowers you to thrive in all aspects of life from intellectual to social, Physical well- being to health and fitness. Our dedicated faculty ignites active learning trough engaging methods, while a vibrant ecosystem shapes you into multifaceted individuals. Ready to Explore Beyond Curriculum.

1. Get Hands-On with Real-World Challenges!

Dive deep into practical learning with budget analysis, crisis simulations, and product launches. Showcase your talent at “Samanvitha,” our annual expo, and gain valuable industry exposure through field trips and industrial visits.

2. Entrepreneurship; Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur!

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with “Swayam Anweshana,” ‘Manthan’ a platform to develop winning business plans. Bring your ideas to life with product launch initiatives and gain practical entrepreneurial skills through the “Co-Creation Center”.

3. Societal Responsibility: Make a Difference to the Community!

Engage in community service through NSS, Rotaract Club, Red Cross, and NCC activities. Become an environmental champion with “Dharini,” our Eco Club, and actively supportwomen’s empowerment through our dedicated cell.

4. Cultural Activities: Express Yourself and Celebrate Your Heritage!

Express your creativity and appreciate aesthetics through events like “Pratibha Karanjee” and “Kalavedi.”

5. Language Club Activities

Nurture your linguistic skills with language clubs like “NudiHabba” (Kannada), “Tarangini” (Hindi), “SurabharathiVaibhavam” (Sanskrit), and “Maverix” (English).

6. Patriotism and Values: Honour Heroes and Embrace Values!

Celebrate National days and commemorate National heroes to cultivate a sense of patriotism and imbibe the values of great leaders. Engage in “Vivekananda Sapthaha” to learn from Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and find your inner purpose. Dwell on the thoughts and perspectives of the think-tank of the society through “Vak-Surabhi”

7. Physical Fitness and Well-being:

Maintain physical and mental health through “Annual Sports meets”, yoga sessions, and personality development programs. Weekly value education sessions and daily prayer sessions nurture emotional well-being and foster inner growth.

8. Research and Development:

MES Institute of Management prioritizes faculty development and research, recognizing their impact on student quality. Faculty are encouraged to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences, present papers, and publish research to stay updated on the latest developments and enhance their skills. This commitment to faculty growth fosters a vibrant academic environment that benefits both faculty and students.