Welcome to our esteemed alumni page, where the legacy of our college community continues to thrive. Our alumni represent the diverse talents, accomplishments, and experiences that have shaped our institution’s history. From innovative entrepreneurs to influential leaders in various industries, our alumni network spans the globe, creating connections and making a positive impact.

Vamshi Krishna R - 2010-13 (B.Com)
Second Vice President, Northern Trust

"Choosing MESIOM for my B.Com studies has been one of the best decisions of my academic journey. The college's commitments to holistic education, value-added courses, vibrant cultural activities, and outstanding teaching methods have truly enriched my learning experience. MESIOM is more than just a college; it's a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, cultural enrichment, and society. I am proud to be a part of this institution and grateful for the invaluable experiences it has provided me."

Deepika N - 2014-17 Batch, L.L.B, P.G.D.C.L

"It is my privilege and little difficult to share 3 years of my college experience in few sentences, so I try my level best. I really had wonderful life of 3 years filled with happiness, awesome environment surrounded by caring lecturers and growth in my studies in each semester. Instead of lecturers i like to call them as teachers, because in each and every step they were guiding light for my future, when I felt little low they encouraged and filled strength in me, not only in studies they helped me in cultural activities and in extra curriculum. College and Principal not only concerned with Degree syllabus and exams they gave concentration to our life development and our future by conducting Personality Development programs in each semester, I star courses many weekend for extension of knowledge apart from college syllabus, Disha program for meditation and yoga. I can proudly say my College was best, my Teachers and Principal mam was best to take care of students. Because of them I have learnt many things, I learnt their kindness, their patience to change us when we are not right, their love for us when we pass our exams and win any prizes. Till my last breath I love my college, I love my Teachers and Principal mam.

Sanjay.R - Assistant Manager - Business Process Solutions Deloitte

"I studied at the MES Institute of Management in 2007-2010 batch. Being a proud member of the second batch, I am grateful for the incredible journey it has been. It was like a mother's womb for amateur minds like I used to be. The curriculum and extra-curricular activities enhanced my personal growth. They provided greatest learning opportunities and unforgettable experiences inside and outside the campus. From day one, faculties, seniors, and peers welcomed me into a supportive community. Bangalore University had a rigorous curriculum. But, good teaching made it simple. And the resources at library had vast insights on every subject. Even after graduation, the institute still inspired the alumni. It also guided and collaborated with us on many initiatives. I would like to thank MESIOM for laying the foundation for the person I am today. I wish all the best to the current and upcoming batches. Their futures are in safe hands."

Akash Shetty
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer & Legal, Stanley Lifestyles Limited

"MES Institute of Management provided me with a transformative experience in 2006. The institution's commitment to academic excellence, combined with its nurturing environment, fostered my personal and professional growth. The faculty members were dedicated mentors who imparted invaluable knowledge and skills, preparing me for the challenges of the corporate world. The diverse student community enriched my learning journey, fostering collaboration and cultural understanding. Beyond academics, the college offered numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities, helping me develop leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. Overall, my time at MES Institute of Management was instrumental in shaping my career trajectory and lifelong friendships. My special thanks to all my mentors such as Mrs Harini Madam, Mrs Sharda Madam and Ex Principal Ramanujam and Ex Principal Soummyanjulu in bringing out us what we are today…! “ Never give up, until the Goal is reached, and everything becomes successful how you priorities the things…!"

Pallavi .N
Research Scholor, School Of Business - RV University

"MESIOM is a vibrant and innovative place. Its interdisciplinary approach breaks traditional and academic boundaries, fostering a dynamic environment where students seamlessly blend knowledge from diverse fields. This institution focuses on developing creativity and critical thinking by adopting value added courses there by getting graduates ready to the complexities of today’s world. Students are encouraged to explore different fields, making it a centre for crucial minds and forward thinking education."

Sai Vaishnav - BBA ( Batch 2021-23 )

"My journey in MESIOM was a memorable journey being a North Indian. Initially i thought It would be difficult to mingle with all because of the language and culture barrier but thanks to MESIOM which is one of the few colleges which follows the tradition and culture till now. The staff were so friendly which supported the talented students and encouraged them to participate and provide a great exposure during their course. It's not only about studying, it's also to gain confidence. I was also the student of the year for my batch and I can say that MESIOM has helped me in supporting awareness camps and activities conducted by me. Thank you MESIOM for supporting my talents ."

Kumar Swamy N - 2019-22 Batch, BBA

"I am truly grateful and happy to be a part of the M.E.S Institute of Management family. The warmth, support, and camaraderie within the M.E.S IOM community have made my college experience incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. I am honoured to be surrounded by inspiring faculty, dedicated staff, and talented peers who have enriched my journey and empowered me to grow both personally and professionally. Being a member of the M.E.S IOM family fills me with pride and happiness, and I look forward to cherishing these connections and memories for years to come."

Vishruth Vidyadhar Prasad - 2014-17 Batch
Asst. Professor, PES University

"A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at MES institute of Management has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the dynamic world of business. But beyond the textbooks and lectures, college life has offered a unique experience and shaped my personal development. The Curriculum has helped me to delve into core business subjects like accounting, finance, marketing, and human resource management. The various co-curriculum activities have honed my communication, leadership, and teamwork skills through presentations, group work, and participation in business simulations. It is a vibrant campus life at MES Institute of Management with a lot of student club activities, industry talks and workshops, and networking with professionals and peers. This opens doors to internships, volunteer opportunities, and lifelong friendships. Ultimately, my BBA in MES IOM is a journey of learning, growth, and self-discovery. "

Charan.K.M - 2008-11 Batch

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for the MES Institute of Management (MESIOM). I am grateful to the administration, faculty, and staff for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my academic journey. The BBM degree I earned from MES has been instrumental in shaping my career and personal growth. My experience at MES has been nothing short of amazing, they also allowed me to be part of Rotary International. Being a Rotaractor, I learnt a lot on serving society & earned connect with most eminent people. The commitment to providing a conducive learning environment has enabled me to achieve my goals and aspirations. The faculty members are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about their work. They have challenged me to think critically and creatively, and I am confident that the skills I have acquired have served me well in choosing right career path. Thank you, for an unforgettable experience!"