Principal's Message

Dr. Sharada.S
Principal, MESIOM

Dear Students,
The Bhagavad Gita states, “श्रद्धावान्लभतेज्ञानं” emphasizing that faith leads to knowledge, highlighting utmost sincerity in one’s being. Shraddhaa forms the foundation of our saadhana, shielding us from errors and guiding our personal & professional journey to success.

MES Institute of Management, a part of Mysore Education Society- MES since 2006, has witnessed the success of students & alumni in the field of Commerce and Management. MESIOM encourages students to think out of the box, helping them in translating thoughts into action with confidence and efficiency. The pillars of MESIOM’s distinctive qualities include able guidance from Management, eminent faculty, and a robust alumni network, attracting students. Conveniently located in the city centre with accessible transportation, it serves as a knowledge centre, molding students’ careers with additional inputs and fostering a culture of principal-driven learning.

MESIOM offers undergraduate programs affiliated with Bengaluru City University. Beyond academic excellence, we provide opportunities for students to enhance talents in music, drama, dance, and sports. The college supports students pursuing professional programs like CA, CS, ICWA, ACCA & others. Additionally, we offer value-added programs in Tally Prime, Python, Digital Marketing, Capital Market certification, Advanced Excel, and Placement Training, enhancing professional skills for employability.

Our commitment extends to organizing various events promoting Indian values, culture, sports, and other academically related activities, providing a platform to exhibit their talents. In addition, MESIOM offers a privilege that allows all students to associate and volunteer in social activities hosted by NSS, Rotaract Club, and Eco Club- DHARINI.

In academics, students will have free access to faculty for doubt clarification. They are actively encouraged to participate in inter-college fests, individually or as a team, fostering confidence in public gatherings. Through personalized counseling and mentoring, students acquire skills to navigate challenges in both academic and personal spheres.

Strategic institutional partnerships are a prudent investment in the future, addressing the growing demand for education 5.0. MESIOM collaborates with renowned entities like ISDC for ACCA and IGNOU for online certifications, enabling students to secure additional degrees and specialized certifications aligned with their post-program interests. Functioning as a dynamic hub, MESIOM integrates diverse activities, encompassing research, teaching, experiential learning, and community engagement, thus enriching knowledge within specified domains. The institution’s Co-Creation Centre-Entrepreneurship Development cell, serves as an incubator fostering entrepreneurial spirit among budding talents.

Our institution emphasizes the dynamic synergy of teaching and learning, leading to students attaining university ranks and distinctions. Inspired by their achievements, they actively contribute to elevating the prestige of our institute. In the final year, students receive thorough placement training to excel in interviews and aptitude tests. Our online and offline placement drives present a variety of job prospects, enabling students to select fulfilling positions with attractive packages in the premier companies. Those aiming for advanced
studies can enroll in postgraduate programs, for which we prepare them to excel in entrance exams.

I will urge each of you to shed inhibitions, empower yourselves, engage actively in various activities, and commit to continuous learning. This is the pivotal path to success, shaping your distinctive journey. Above all, strive to be exemplary citizens for our nation.

I am confident that your time at the institute during your undergraduate journey will be immensely rewarding.

Precisely, MES Institute of Management resonates with the philosophy of ‘You name it, we have it.’ The exploration of opportunities lies in the hands of the students. This perspective harmonizes with the motivational words of ‘Swamy Vivekananda’, who urged, ‘Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached,’ inspiring students to actively pursue their aspirations with determination and unwavering commitment.