MESIOM goes beyond academics nurturing holistic development through diverse activities, we encourage student’s participation at all levels of sporting activities from university, state, national and international levels offering training by the physical education director and also financial assistance for the events. Whether indoor or outdoor there is a opportunity for everyone. Yoga and meditations are integrated into the curriculum fostering emotional wellbeing.

Extension Activities

MESIOM recognizes that Knowledge blossoms when it blends with the fabric of community. The College reaches out to the neighborhood community with impactful initiatives through NSS and partners with organizations like Rotaract Club, Red Cross Society and Spot Light Group- an NGOs to organize Annual Health Checkup, &7-Day Camp in the outskirts of Bangalore which include Legal Awareness Programs, Environmental Conservation Lectures, Tree planting and Cleanliness Drives (Shramdhan). We also organize Annual Trekking Camps to promote Swatch Bharath Abhiyan.