Club Activities

Empowering students through the Student Council, MESIOM fosters a culture of leadership, collaboration, and active citizenship. We believe that every student has the potential to contribute meaningfully to the college community and beyond.

MESIOM’s Student Council is the springboard to leadership and collaboration. Elected annually, this diverse group represents the voice of the students and shapes their vibrant college life. Student council offers myriad of opportunities to Hone their leadership skills through co-curricular activities like cultural fests and sports days, or support departmental clubs and events. It bridges the gap between students and faculty, championing solutions and fostering a vibrant campus. Whether it’s celebrating national days or volunteering through NSS and Red Cross, the Council empowers to make a meaningful impact.

Language Club

The Language Departments of English, Kannada, Sanskrit and Hindi organize the annual club activities to improve the student’s ability to Communicate with ease and appreciate the aesthetics of the language.

Kannada Club

Maverix 22

Sanskrit Day


Commerce & Management Club

Sharpen your business acumen and prepare for the corporate world through:

  • Budget analysis: Master financial forecasting and decision-making skills.
  • Crisis management: Learn to navigate challenges and emerge as a leader.
  • Best Manager Competitions: Put your skills to the test and stand out from the crowd.
  • CHATHURARTH: Intercollegiate Management Fest: Showcase your talent and compete with students from across the region.
  • SAMANVITHA: The Annual Expo provides an opportunity to take your idea to the next level.
  • Case studies and simulations: Tackle real-world challenges and develop critical thinking skills.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell)

Unleash your inner entrepreneur and build your own business through:

  • SWAYAM ANVESHANA: Explore your business ideas and develop a winning plan.
  • Product and service launch: Learn the ropes of launching a successful venture.
  • Industrial motivational campaigns: Get inspired by successful entrepreneurs and learn from their journeys.

R&D Cell

MESIOM’s R&D Cell ignites a passion for research among faculty and students. They provide guidance and support throughout the research journey. This includes helping faculty and students develop research proposals, navigate the process of securing grants, and fostering valuable industry collaborations. To spark innovation in emerging fields, the R&D Cell organizes workshops with specific research themes and facilitates research internships. This comprehensive approach empowers MESIOM’s community to actively participate in the ideation and creation of groundbreaking research